Statement of ethics and good practices

The Journal of Criminology, Psychology and Law (Cripsiley) of the University of Salamanca is committed to guaranteeing the quality of the articles published. Regarding issues of authorship, plagiarism, rights and confidentiality, this Journal takes as a reference the code of conduct and good practices of the Committee on Ethics in Publications (COPE) for editors of scientific journals. At the same time, it guarantees an adequate response to the needs of readers and authors, ensuring the quality of what is published, protecting and respecting the content of the articles as well as their integrity.

The Editorial Board of the Cripsiley has as fundamental tasks, reflected in two annual meetings, the following:

Compliance with publication regulations.
Affinity of the works received regarding the subject of the Journal.
Sending each project to two expert and external evaluators, through the blind peer system, with an evaluation protocol to which they must comply, and which include, among other aspects, good use of language and coherence of discourse, methodological consistency, clarity in writing and updated bibliography.

The Cripsiley Editorial Board procedure guarantees the confidentiality of the evaluation process, as well as the delivery of an evaluation report explaining the decisions of the two evaluators. The Journal guarantees the confidentiality of the evaluation process at all times: the anonymity of the evaluators and authors, the evaluated content, the reasoned report issued by the evaluators and any other communication issued by the editorial, advisory and scientific committees, if applicable. .

Cripsiley will reject any work that is not original, or that has been previously published, committing not to accept those works suspected of plagiarism.

The intellectual property of the published texts has been transferred by their authors to Cripsiley, so the conditions established by the journal regarding intellectual property must be met.