Vol. III No. 6 (2021)

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ISSN: 2659-6083 

Posted on: 09-01-2021


Triple crime of Burgos: Analysis from the V.E.R.A method pdf

Andrea Fernández Gil

(pp. 1-87)

Driving with low BACs. The “sub-drunkenness” pdf

David Sánchez Gil

(pp. 88-184)

Serial killers. Motivation and weapons used pdf

Leckmee Samot Miranda

(pp. 185-210)

Women and crime. Bibliographic review pdf

Lucía Santos Sánchez

(pp. 211-244)

Work as a medium in systemic violence pdf

Eduardo Luna Ruiz, Nubia Carolina Rovelo Escoto y Daniel Borja Chavarría

(pp. 245-259)


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