No. 3 (February 2020)

Posted on 02-03-2020

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Analysis of the geographical profile of Juana Barraza Samperio “La Mataviejas”

María Mariño Pérez

(pp. 1-55)

Framing LGTB-phobic incidents in Spain: Beyond hate crimes

María del Mar Martín Aragón

(pp. 56-91)

The psychosocial development of institutionalized children aged 0 to 3 years: an analysis of the psychosocial effect of deprivation of the family environment in Ecuador

Ana Macías Gómez

(pp. 93-115)

Documentary film about ETA

Ana María Vicente Vicente

(pp. 116-145)

Multicomponent intervention protocol for adult patients with a cocaine dependence problem

Noelia Pérez García

(pp. 146-201)


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