For readers


Salamanca, January 18, 2019


Dear reader,


Journal of Criminology, Psychology and Law was created as a scientific publication sponsored, fundamentally, by the University of Salamanca – an institution of great academic prestige with more than eight hundred years of history – and its Criminal Behavior Analysis Unit. This circumstance transfers us the great responsibility of creating an outreach at the height of said entity, combining the best of its past with the needs of the present and the challenges of the future. In this line, aware of the complexity of current scenarios and phenomena, we firmly bet on a multidisciplinary approach that overcomes the limitations of partial views supported by a single science or field of knowledge. With the combination of Criminology, Psychology and Law -as the most representative fields-, but without discarding other sciences or subjects (such as Philosophy, Sociology, Medicine …), it is our desire to present a complete and diverse text that promote scientific development in our country and its dissemination in the Spanish language.

Despite the thematic variety required by the aforementioned multidisciplinary perspective, it is mainly a matter of compiling articles related to the crime problem and its implications. A field in which we consider necessary the creation of this type of work that combines the wisdom of theory with the experience of practice, understanding that –only in this way– both maintain their authentic meaning.

Without further ado, we hope to create a journal that will accommodate various profiles of researchers and academics who, with the invaluable support of the community of readers, will make it a benchmark both nationally and internationally.



Dr. D. Francisco Javier de Santiago Herrero

Dr. D. Luis Miguel Sánchez-Gil

Directors of the Journal of Criminology, Psychology and Law