No. 4 (September 2020)

Posted on 09-01-2020

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Program for the prevention of specific deficiencies. Criminological intervention in the primary educational field

Elsa Ruiz Sáenz

(pp. 1-38)

The historical context behind the wave of serial murders of 1974-1994 in the United States

Aránzazu del Pilar García Antolín

(pp. 39-84)

Study of the parricide profile in the Spanish jurisprudence of the first two decades of the 21st century

Lorena Fernández Belmonte

(pp. 85-117)

The validity of the figure of the criminologist in the penitentiary field

María Pastor Bardisa

(pp. 118-176)

Criminal profiling of violent and psychopathic women

María Fernández López-Acevedo

(pp. 177-212)


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