No. 2 (September 2019)

Posted on 09-02-2019

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The sectarian phenomenon and the figure of the leader as the cornerstone of the group

Sara Álvarez Álvarez

(pp. 1-38)

Sexual assaults on university students belonging to the University of Salamanca

Lucía González Hernández

(pp. 39-75)

Terrorism in Spain and formation of the Basque identity. Basque radical rock and other own symbols

Beatriz Andrés Regalado

(pp. 76-97)

Spanish serial killer victims

Isabel Villafáfila Samaniego

(pp. 98-132)

Psychoanalytic approaches on women who exercise violence and crime

Nubia Carolina Rovelo Escoto y Daniel Borja

(pp. 133-152)

Criminological perspective in the world of comics: Batman and Joker binomial

Carmen Colomo Romero

(pp. 153-182)


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