About the journal

The Journal of Criminology, Psychology and Law (Cripsiley), edited by the Criminal Behavior Analysis Unit of the University of Salamanca was created with the aim of being a scientific publication of international reference in the field of Criminology, Psychology and Law. It is distinguished by its general and multidisciplinary profile of an international nature and its openness to society and particularly to the scientific community, especially to professionals in Criminology, Psychology and Law with an interest in research.

The magazine is published every six months, so two issues are published annually in electronic format, in the months of February and September respectively.

The publication is aimed at the dissemination of works and research developed in Spain or other countries by academics and other professionals. In order to guarantee the quality of the publications, they are subjected to an evaluation by blind peers who are experts in the subject matter of the article in question and preserving the guarantee of independence and impartiality.

Seeks the dissemination of empirical studies, review articles, methodologies, etc. It will attend to the publication of scientific works in the sections that articulate it, being always open to the edition of quality articles focused on research in Criminology, Psychology and Law.

Therefore, Cripsiley is a magazine for all those interested in a rigorous scientific approach to the social and legal sciences. In it, we guarantee the coherence of its publications with the aim of consolidating it as a national and international benchmark in the dissemination of research and scientific evidence.